Manage every step of your submission campaign with tools built by us with love.

X-SUBMIT provides you with tools and features that enables you to manage the whole submission management process with ease.

No credit card required
One platform, from submission to review and follow up notifications
Collect any Type of Content
Build smart forms that can collect any kind of data including files in various formats
communicate, collaborate and review
Work on submissions with team mates and review submissions with ease
Experience data rich statistics, with graphical reports on submissions and activity on your campaigns
Built for Organisations and Teams
Built for Organisations and Teams
Build teams to join you in your review process with various access levels. You are able to grant various permissions to different team members with so much ease
Endless Posibilities with Addons
With a an ever growing list of addons, the possibilities are endless and the things you can do with submissions on x-submit are limitless
Team Review
Review submissions by letting team members provide grades for submissions received
Voting and Polls
Carry out voting and polling with data collected on x-submit or imported from external sources
Random Shuffler
Sometimes a little luck is required. Make use of a highly customizable random shuffler to select submissions
Intergrate with codility.com to evalaute submitters with coding exercises and get results integrated directly in x-submit
Multiple Choice Evaluation
Carry out multiple choice evaluations right from within x-submit with data you collected or imported
Advanced Review
Is providing grades not enough for your team? Build advanced review questions to get more detailed reviews from teammates
Build workflows that work for you
Build workflows that will take submitters from one stage to another in your submission review process without having to manually intervene at each stage.
Go from manual submission management to an automagical process that takes submitters and data received from submission to to the final stage without your intervention
Build workflows that work for you
Advanced Reporting and Statistics
Allow us to help you gather useful insights from your data and help you understand what your data is saying.
Advanced Reporting and Statistics
Make Information from Data
You will be able to analyize all the data you have collected, or just choose to see deep and meaningfull insights into subsets of your data.
Data Dashboards
Read into your data like never before with easy to understand graphics on dashboards totally controlled by you and your team
Data Export
Export your data for external use at any time with ease and no extra charge with a single click. It’s that easy
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Let us Help you get the most out of your campaign
Our team of experienced experts are always ready to work hands-on with you to help design and structure your program so that you can get the best peformance out of it.
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