Human Resources

Save time and eliminate the difficulties involved in paperwork

Ease your work with an automated system

As an employer or human resource manager, using an automated system for your human resource needs can ease your work a great deal.
Data Collection or Gathering
Data Collection or Gathering
Use our intuitive form builder to collect all types of data raging from form entries , audios , videos and documents. There has never been an easier way to get submitters engaged in submissions. Don’t worry, Even though it is easier than you think, we are still very ready to help set up a any form for you.
Data Processing or Evaluation
Data Processing or Evaluation
Usually after you have received submissions, there is a whole lot of work to do in sorting, calculating and grading the submissions . With x-submit, that just becomes a child’s play. Just start clicking around while taking some coffee.
The most important part of the whole process is usually the selection. X-submit offers you a stress free selection process from simple number based add-ons to much more complicated add-ons. The breeze of using x-submit extends to the selection process.
One platform, from submission to review and follow up notifications
Collect any Type of Content
Build smart forms that can collect any kind of data including files in various formats
communicate, collaborate and review
Work on submissions with team mates and review submissions with ease
Experience data rich statistics, with graphical reports on submissions and activity on your campaigns

State & Local Government

Employee Surveys

Employee Onboarding

Exit Interviews Surveys

Graduate Programs


Internal Awards

Internal Request Forms

Job Applications

Performance Assessments

Staff Recruitment

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Let us Help you get the most out of your campaign
Our team of experienced experts are always ready to work hands-on with you to help design and structure your program so that you can get the best peformance out of it.
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